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How it works

Student jobs like never before, to make you worry less about chores.

Want to solve everyday tasks? Nobody helps you? Want somebody to take your dog out? Want to assemble your furniture? No time to arrange things? Make it easy and quickly find a student who can hardly wait to help you!


Sign up for free in a few steps with your basic data. Later on, don't forget to keep your account up to date so posting a job can be even more simple.

Post a task

Post any task that doesn't require qualifications and can be done in a couple of hours. It's just two minutes – and completely free! Give us the details: where, when and what type of tasks you would need. Set the hourly rate and try to estimate the duration which together give the total price you will pay to the students.

Choose a student

Chat with students who apply for your job, let them help you specify the details of your expectations so you'll receive the best possible quality. Our site makes it easy for you to manage the applicants and find the one you really need.

Get it done and leave a review

You can signal on the Click For Work website when you think you can accept the job. Right now you have to arrange payments between the two of you, however soon C4W will take care of the payment process securely and seamlessly. Our community is based on trust - please help by rating and reviewing the student.