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Frequently asked questions

If you have an issue using our website or just are curious for some details, please look around here first before contacting us!

Our mission

Our site is the only one opportunity in Hungary for busy people to be able to outsource a few hours of unqualified, ahoc tasks, in order to find quickly and easy help. On our web page accredited students can be contacted, who will do the job in their free time.

Students registered on our website can find tasks that are short and easy to perform. Besides having been selected for tasks on ClickforWork there is still enough time for them to fulfill their other obligations, like studying, or sporting activities. Working on ClickforWork gives them the possibilities to earn great pocket money.

On our web page only adhoc tasks can be found, that can be completed in a short period of time and does not require any special qualifications.

Our website dedicates great attention to reliability. Once stundents register, we individually check the existence of student / student status, thereby we validate them. Besides that students can upload a reference letter that clients can read before selection. Verifications are regurlarly revised. Through the rating system, users can also assure the student's reliability.

Tasks requiring a qualification can not be advertised on our site. Prohibited activities according to our rules can not be also advertised. Before posting your ad please read our C4W Terms and Conditions.

Our website operates a rating system, using 1 (worst) to 5 (best) scales. Within the scope of the evaluation system, it is possible to provide short text reviews. Evaluations allow everyone to easily obtain information about the other, making it easier to choose the most appropriate partner.

The evaluation of the users for a given task is published on the platform at the same time. Due to that it is not possible to react to the evaluation of the partner, evaluation should be given without the possibility of seeing the evaluation I received.

To become a successful tasker, you need to be accurate, reliable, and careful.

It is not recommended to include the task in pre-defined categories, but you can enter it to the mixed category. In the future, the range of categories is constantly being expanded according to the needs of our users.

Tasks for which no application has yet been submitted can be edited. The following three characteristics can be changed: title, description of the work, and hourly fee. If you do not receive an application after editing, we recommend you to cancel the task re-post it again. It is possible that the date of the task was not adequate or that the scheduled time has to be changed, either using a longer interval.

The owner of the task should should provide the students with the necessary tools to carry out the work, every tools shoul be in good condition, while students must fulfill the requirements of the Task Contract.

Our service is currently only available in Budapest. We plan to extend to the suburbs, and to other major hungarian cities. Keep up to date by following our facebook page, blog and our newsletters.

What are my responsibilities on the premises?

You do not have to do to be at home if you do not want to everything will be carried out instead of you. You can talk about all the details through the chat on the website.

The task owner must provide the tools in a condition that is appropriate for the task. He also has to inform the student where they can be found on the premises.

Data protection

Our site handles data of registered user accoringly as it is set in our Privacy Policies and does not transfer or make it available to third parties. You can read our Privacy Policy at the following link:

Our website builds on trust. The more users write about themselves, the easier they can get to know the others. We recommend that you provide a description for everyone in your profile that includes a brief introduction, expectations, past experience, and age. Thank You!

There is no reason to worry, the phone number and the exact address (house number) appear only for the accepted and ordered students (and vice versa). These are, of course, necessary to make the accomplisment of each task as smooth as possible.

How to use our platform?

The user is required to register to gain access to the platform, to do this a valid email address is also needed. During the registration, the user chooses which user group want to belong: Client or Student (Client: I am offering a job or Student:I would like to work). Any user can also register as a client and a student (supposing that he has legal relationship as a student) respectively, but in this case he needs different email addresses. Registration is absolutely free.

Verification might arrrive as spam, we kinly ask you to check this email as a spam. In case it is not the case, please feel free to contact us (see Contact page)

When entering the address of your task you have to enter the name of the street and the house number into the street field and then select your address from the list that appears. This should populate all other fields automatically. If that isn't the case we recommend entering a different city address, and then typing in your desired address again using the method above. You can also try refreshing the page, however that will take you back to the first step of the task creation process. If nothing helps then please contact us!

As a first step we ask you give a title that fits to the task the most you want to post, and please describe it as precisely as you can (give details on what kind of tools are needed etc.). Further on please give us the details on the address (town, street, number), hourly fee, date and also possibly duration of the work.

Yes, you can upload more images. This could be extremely useful to make your applicants understand what the task is likely to be or it can also help to clarify what you need. Images can be up to 5MB.

The billing address will be necessary later on, when online payment system will be built in. At now you can simply use your default address by clicking on it.

Currently only one student can be booked for a certain task. If you need more student, we recommend you to post your task parallely accordingly to the number of students.

On our platform only students can apply for tasks, that will be revised by us through their student ID. When a new task is posted on the platform, every student gets a notification email, accordingly to their preferences set by them during the registration process. Students can apply for any of the tasks that are sympathetic, in one step sending a short message. After sending the application student and the owner of the task can chat on private message board. Personal data like exact adress, or phone numbers will be available after clients choose the stuent he wants to work woth. After completing this task, students must report the task on the platform.

The more stars you have in your profile the most likely to be on the top in the list of the applicants.

At present payment can be done directly between users, according to our General Terms. Our site now is completely free, we do not ask for any advertising or transfer fees.

After completing this task, the platform asks the users to provide feedback, which will then be displayed on the public profile together with the related task. This is an evalution of overall impression scaling from 1 to 5 with short text as a review also. We will notify the users about the given ratings via email. The ratings of a specific task is posted on the platform at the same time (ie only if both parties have evaluated it).

Rate and review can be submitted any time during the period after completing a task.

Students can be an applicant supposing he sends his application. There is no limit for candidates.

In case a client has not booked anyone, it can be cancelled by clicking on Cancel button. For further details please see our General Terms.

It's accessible at:

You can change your password in your account settings by clicking on reset my password.

Our website is not responsible for the quality of any task completed, neither wants to complete them. Students are responsible for their tasks on their own behalf, responsibility and risk. Our website is also not an employer of any students, our activity are strictly limited to ensuring and transforming contracts for both side. Accordingly, the platform does not want to interfere in the process due to this fact we do not delete any rate and review received because we are not in a position to act as judge and exetutioner at the same time. However, we give you the opportunity to respond to the evaluation you received. In addition, we encourage you to contact us, if you feel you got hurt!

You can set your billing information by clicking on the billing address in your user profile under settings.

It might be that the browser you use has a limit for some social web pages. We recommend you to use another browser (preferably an up-to-date edition of Chrome). Please feel free to contact us at

In your account settings, you can click on the email settings to set in which cases you want to get notification emails. We passionately recommend you allowing them though, because the emails are basically the only active notifications that you receive from our website.

There's nothing in particular that you have to do, just make sure you don't have any active listings if you are a client, and that you are not booked for a task that you haven't finished if you are a student.

You can delete the account under your user profile under settings. We'd advise you against doing that however, because unfortunately you will not be able to register again with the same email address.